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mksysb for linux

I have been with the RS/6000 or pSeries team since before it was announced in 1990. AIX 3.1.1 had mksysb as one of its features but it was only restorable to the same machine or one that was the same (7012 - 7012). The ability to restore to any architecture came much later and today, its a mature product. I feel that if mksysb for linux were introduced it could start off the same. Once in place, there are those who could expand its capabilities. It would also mean that new commands would have to be introduced to linux to allow it to determine lv names and sizes and filesystem names associated with those lv's. Perhaps this exists and if so, I am unaware. Add to this, the bios of computers being used would have to support boot from tape and most Intel/AMD pc's today don't support this. There is another answer and that is SOFTWARE RAID 1 which is what I use on my Fedora Core 8 system but I believe this can only be implemented at the time of install.


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