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Souch tool exists for about 5 years

It is called MONDO RESCUE

main advantages:

Backing up
- makes bootable CD/DVD/HDD/TAPE backup of the system
(not necesary all 10 TB (1111 DL DVD ;-) )
- then makes just diferential/incremental backups
(by your command sir)
- no rebuild of boot backup necesary when you change
backup policy

- boot from bootable backup
- if you have THE SAME HW configuration - just restore
(all RAID/LVM, HW, NET settings are kept)
- if your HW has gone (thiefs, tornado, floods or you just can not buy the same vintage HW)
you can go throught dialogs to change disc layout (incl. RAID/LVM, HW settings NET ...)

Try it you will see ...

Thanksgiving welcomed on MONDO mailinglist ;-)


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