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Just to reply to a few

Just to reply to a few issues you bring up:

* I had trouble naming the plugin too, and I still havn't come up with any name that I like; something that shows that it's for pidgin, but something that shows that it's not just for pidgin :)

* I was wanting to make a few packages too, including a proper Windows installer. I've been using file mtime's as build numbers, however I havn't been keeping old versions, so any kind of packaging system might have trouble getting old versions. I was looking at putting an auto-updater inside the plugin itself so that it would check for new updates periodicly, but that's probably not ideal.

* The readme says where to get the protocol icons from. Unfortunatly, Skype says that if you distribute one Skype icon with source-code, you have to distribute all of them (2.7MiB worth compared to a few kiB of code). You can download the icons from

I'd be keen to see the package once you had it made :)
If you're needing to test the plugin, feel free to add me. I'm always happy to talk about the plugin and any features/bugs/feedback are greatly appreciated.


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