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Hey wait, I can play this game too...

Let me explain what you just suggested in another way:

"I expect people to read my brain when I discard feedback without any information and I do not answer bugreports."


"And if they come back, I just put the blame on them by having them feel guilty because they don't understand disagreement."

For disagreement you need information. I cannot disagree with your point of view, because you did not give it.

So here goes:

1. That's fine, when someone has a problem. Do you think there are more people that have a problem than people that don't ?

2. Sure, but I cannot generate the newer metadata on an older system, or the older metadata on a newer system. Do I need 2 systems to generate both metadata ? Maybe install a second python ?

3. I consider that a little *too* late, but hey, what is my opinion worth, right ? We're stuck with older yum's until 2014 ? (And no, this is not the first time I brought this particular item up to you...)

4. You could have foreseen that very easily. Dropping the program off the face of the earth is so very Fedora-like. You don't have to think 6 months back or in the future. We don't need it ? Let's drop it... (PS This and other feedback is not only my opinion, lots of people complained or gor confused because you opted to have the program scream that it ws irrelevant)

Maybe explaining some more and listening to other people's arguments would help ? But you discard it.

I have 2 possibilities for my feedback being discarded, either this is a personal problem you have with me, or you are only interested in things that fit a certain agenda.

I thank you for bringing this up on my blog. I feel so much better now...


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