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Package Manager: yes or no.

Take a good look at

They managed the package managers: they do not have it!

Maybe you can write a recipe to read a rpm or a deb package and write the pachage for CEntOS (and others RedHat alike) as it is in GoboLinux.

I think that ALL the problems we have with ALL distros are the package manager they use on their distros.

We really do not need a package manager, since does not matter if you have on, two or 10 copies of a package on your HD.

HD is cheap and my time waiting for a RPM or DEB or whatever is extremelly expensive, since it is not only my work time, it is my LIFE I spend with a package manager.

What we DO need is an Operating System with the basic packages completely separeted, detached, from the rest of the distro.

Python (I prefer OCaml) can be installed by the system in a protected (by the system) area AND ANOTHER copy of python for the rest of the system.

I think GoboLinux is the final cut and the answer we all were waiting for.

I am preparing to move to GL.
I would like to here from you, since you are a great professional on Linux area.

Best regards.


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