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PuTTY Port Forwarding

Nice article. I've been using PuTTY for a couple of years now to SSH into a CentOS box from a Windows box and have pretty much arrived at the same configuration as yourself.

My favourite trick is to tunnel ports 80 (3000 for Webrick for Ruby on Rails development), and 5432 for pgAdmin administration of PostgreSQL, through SSH so that Apache/Webrick and PostgreSQL appear as localhost ports on my Windows box. Great for remote development without exposing any ports other than 22 on the remote CentOS box.

The above is easy to do...


Source port: 5432 (or 80, 3000 etc)
Destination port: my.remote.ip.address:5432 (or 80, 3000 etc)

Click Add.

Easy and works like a dream!




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