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NFSv4 via SSH

NFSv4 works quite well with Kerberos. This gives you the benefit of SSO as well as encryption if so desired over a single tcp port making it ideal for mounting thru firewalls and over insecure networks. Not sure why you would want to tunnel NFSv4 via SSH, unless you dont have kerberos/ldap or AD . I've never tried it in Linux, but it works well with Solaris 10 and AD though. I've also got it to work with Solaris 10 and Kerberos/Openldap.

I'm always amazed by the number of protocols that people will tunnel via SSH and the hoops that they jump thru to get it to work. I usually use ssh for terminal or X forwarding but general purpose VPN is better handled by IPSEC or SSL types of VPN like OpenVPN.


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