Addicted to Wii

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2008/01/30 - 12:52

After 2 months of having a Wii, I can admit that I am a bit addicted to it. But not in a way that one would expect though. I don't play that many games even though I did collect a few (= 7).

I try to use the Wii daily for 5 minutes of Wii Fitness and once a week I play some more tennis to try to reach my old hi-score of 2209 points. (I dropped to 2105 :-/)

We also like to follow-up on the voting channel and see how we did and vote for the new questions. It is a quick 2-minute break twice a week and it is fun to see what your partner and others think about silly questions.

But we are using the Wii since this weekend as a replacement for the radio, by means of And not just a replacement, it plays songs that fit our mood and if it doesn't we simply skip. I like the fact that I can use this to collect and improve my taste even more and I am now also using at work or when working late at night with headphones.

I hope Nintendo will be partnering with service providers like to enhance the Wii experience because there are limits to a web-interface and a seperate channel on my Wii is something I would be willing to pay for. (I am paying for as well) The current setup using Opera/Flash seems to be a bit unstable.

Some service providers actually target the Wii directly, I discovered Finetune today and it feels much more natural on a low-res TV set with a moving-sensor remote control.

So Nintendo please extend the possibilities of the Wii, I already have my Wii points available for new and exciting functionality !!