CentOS needs a slogan

Submitted by dag on Sat, 2008/03/01 - 03:29

The CentOS project is looking for more slogans that may end up on promotional material (eg media, flyers, posters or stickers). We already collected a few funny, ironic, sarcastic or even distasteful ones.

Feel free to visit our Slogans wiki page for a good laugh or rude offenses and add your own slogan by sending them to this thread.

And who knows, yours may end up somewhere ? If it gets selected, you win free CentOS updates for a whole month !! So get started already ;-)

Disclaimer: Ideas contributed to this thread are considered free to be reused. Otherwise do NOT submit them to a public mailinglist :-) I will be adding them to the wiki.

There is also a mailinglist thread and a forum thread about the slogans initiative.


My try would be: As enterprise as you can make it.

Also I find it not cool that some of the slogans on wiki are hostile regarding Red Hat. Face it - RH is basis for CentOS. Without RHEL there would be no CentOS.

Please don't flame RH.

Does loyalty make blind ?

While I agree with you that Red Hat contributes to the community and that CentOS would not be possible without Red Hat, Red Hat would not be possible without the community at large (of which CentOS is a subset), so any obligation one would have regarding Red Hat returns equally.

Red Hat is making people wealthy based on software written by the community, it is only normal that the community profits from the contributions Red Hat gives back. So I do not agree that we should not be critical of Red Hat.

Besides, ever thought about the fact that CentOS as a community enlarges Red Hat's market and power because it has a userbase that is possible ten times larger than RHEL's userbase ? A userbase that otherwise would be running Ubuntu or SLES. Who should be thankful to whom ?

[Fact is that CentOS has an identity problem created by Red Hat that is causing the project to not being able to describe what it is: a Red Hat compatible product.

Yes, this was a trademark dispute and while the project is legally allowed to reference other vendors we asked Red Hat to provide us with an acceptable definition of CentOS, to which we got no reply.

That fact that now a slogan is indirectly refering to Red Hat (without naming Red Hat) could be considered funny.]

> I agree with you that Red

> I agree with you that Red Hat contributes to the
> community and that CentOS would not be possible
> without Red Hat, Red Hat would not be possible
> without the community at large (of which CentOS
> is a subset)

Yes. That is perfectly right. But in this case we should not be hostile against each other. We shouldn't state in slogans that "CentOS roxorz RHELzloozors" etc. It is immature.


That is not one of the slogans on the website as indeed that is rather childish.


Oh and also you have missed main main point being the slogan. ;P

IMO the slogan for CentOS should state that it is in your hands, it is yours and it is as enterprise as you make it. It is not like you buy enterprise, enterprise is that what you make of it.

Meaning that really enterprise is just a class of system. For one enterprise may be a cluster of 512 machines. For other one enterprise may be one machine with failover serving Important Data. It does not really matters what the label says (like RHEL - we are enterprise) what makes enterprise is really you, software is just a tool for making enterprise and with CentOS it is the tool in your hands. Oh! And it is free. With no strings attached. ;)


CentOS: The Community Powers the Enterprise

How about ...

... "The sincerest form of Linux."


CentOS: The only OS worth a Cent
CentOS: The only OS worth a Cent of your time
[Reliability@CentOS]#: An OS you can count on
CentOS: A growing community
CentOS: The future is now
Centos: Your two cents matters

Here some

Here some suggestions:

CentOS: Where reliability meets efficiency
CentOS: High performance for a Cent
CentOS: The Central Operating System
CentOS: Every Cent worth!
CentOS: Where do you want your Enterprise tomorrow?