Citrix (ICA) Client on CentOS

Submitted by dag on Sat, 2007/11/17 - 22:15

My sister's laptop harddisk crashed recently and turned the Windows laptop in a blue screen generating device. When reinstalling her system with the official Windows XP Professional CD, the installation process failed on what I think was a damaged CD.

Having no Windows media at home (I do not want to support a convicted monopolist and I fear the BSA raiding my home) I decided to put CentOS on it and return it like that. Everything installed fine on this Toshiba Satellite A10 laptop, even the wifi required a 'yum install madwifi' that pulled in DKMS nice and easy.

Then I installed the gstreamer codecs (bad and ugly), skype, some firefox plugins, some games for the children and finally, the Citrix client (ICAClient) required for connecting to work. All from the GUI. The 3D desktop (compiz) works great on this old laptop.

Then the problems began. Because the ICAClient RPM package is a bad bad bad package that does not associate the ICA mime-type with the ICAClient command (/usr/lib/ICAClient/wfica) and because the ICAClient is not in the list of known applications it is very hard for normal user to start the Citrix applications he needs.

Likewise, I searched for trying to make Gnome and Firefox associate the .ica files with the ICAClient binary. The very first time when I opened the 'launch.ica' it worked flawlessly, but every other time it insists in opening the Text Editor with it. Opening it with the wfica after that, always failed.

Then I looked on the Internet and found this website that explains how to install the plugin for Firefox, great !

Not so much, now it does associate and the ICAClient starts properly, but all the applications crash...

Shame on you, Citrix, for not automatically installing the mime-types, the firefox plugin and all the other integration that is done on Windows. Having an ICA Linux client is no use if people cannot simply install it and make it work. I know you can do better, so why don't you ??

PS I remember having the same problem at a customer site. You cannot simply import .ica files, you always have to hand-edit or work around certain things. Bad bad bad Citrix.

PS2 I am very tempted to just take the Citrix ICAClient and package it myself for RPMforge the correct way (Gnome mime-types and Firefox plugin). Waiting for vendors to fix their RPM packages obviously does not work.

I am looking for this for a

I am looking for this for a long time. Thanks very much.

Citrix User

We use Citrix for all our company accounting and you are correct to say it is difficult to start but it is very convenient once you get it set up. It is worth the trouble.


Finally I got it...

You need to add following line to /etc/mailcap and then you have to click only ok when opening ica connection. No need for firefox plugin. The plugin doesn't even work on 64bit firefox:

application/x-ica; /usr/lib/ICAClient/ %s;