Commenting on blog-articles

Submitted by dag on Tue, 2008/02/12 - 21:51

Dear Kris,

Would it be possible to comment an article on the originating blog instead of creating your own article. I found it very annoying when you did that to me, and now I see you doing it again :-)

I prefer discussions being held on the original article's blog (so people reading it can read your remarks) rather than having comments being posted as blog articles on different blogs. (That would only work for people reading a Planet anyway)

Not sure if there is an etiquette for bloggers, but if there is this should be on it :-)

(And before some smartass will do it, let me state that yes I commited the same crime to proof a point !)

Thanks for listening !

I believe a lot of people

I believe a lot of people comment by posting on their own weblog, but of course you want to be able to see on the original page that there is a reaction somewhere else. I guess a trackback ping would be nice.


Hi Dag,
I agree with you, but actually the pingback technique was designed to overcome this problem.

Too bad it's not so popular these days because of spam attacks.

Re: Commenting on blog articles


I agree with you but one of the problems
is that a lot of blogs require you to register
instead of allowing you to simply fill in a captcha or even use OpenID, Windows Live ID or GoogleID. Sometimes I feel like commenting on a blog post but I refrain from doing so because I really don't feel like creating yet another account.

Off-Topic: We seem to be using the same blog
skin :-) Although I'm using it with my own blog system and you're using it with Drupal. Cool :-)