Last call for LinuxWorld Brussels

Submitted by dag on Tue, 2008/03/18 - 17:37

Again for the people that missed it, if your Open Source non-profit organisation or project wants to make some free advertisements at LinuxWorld, don't forget to bring your posters and flyers so we have them ready for visitors at the Open Source pavilion.

The audience is mostly business-focused, so you are welcome to promote your project/organisation in person at the booth or give away flyers at the booth.

For the conference part of the Open Source pavilion, the following presentations will be given:

  • Wednesday 19/3
    • 11h: Profoss - Raphael Bauduin
    • 13h: OpenDoc Society - Machtelt Garrels
    • 14h: Drupal - Roel Guldemond
    • 15h: CentOS - Dag Wieers
  • Thursday 20/3
    • 11h: Open Source at Hogent - Ilse Baetsle
    • 13h: Ubuntu LTS - Serge van Ginderachter
    • 14h: Joomla - Johan Janssens
    • 15h: OpenQRM - Kris Buytaert

Register now on the LinuxWorld website if you plan to visit LinuxWorld, storage-expo or info-security so that you do not have to pay at the entrance.

See you there...