LinuxWorld Expo Brussels 2008

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2008/01/09 - 15:05

LinuxWorld Expo Brussels this year will take place on wednesday 19 and thursday 20 March 2008 in Brussels Kart Expo. Last year's edition was lacking any Open Source cooperation and this year the organisers acknowledged the benefit of an Open Source pavilion on the LinuxWorld exhibition.

Having this Open Source pavilion allows us (the Open Source community) to showcase some technologies and communities on an exhibition floor that is primarily dominated by sales and marketing people and that is aiming towards the business world.

For that reason we want to be careful to present as much as possible the business solutions and as little as possible the technical side of things. In this light we are very interested if you know of a project that would be interested to give a short presentation in the Open Source pavilion on LinuxWorld Expo Brussels 2008.

Next to the opportunity to present your project to a bigger audience you will also have the chance to meet-up with interesting people of other Open Source communities and business people.

Due to a tight schedule to make this all work, we need feedback before saturday 12 january 2008 if you are interested to give a presentation.

More information is available from:

Let us know (at linuxworld-at-elug-dot-be) if you have any questions and we hope to see you at LinuxWorld Expo Brussels 2008.