RHEL 5.2 beta announced

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2008/03/14 - 03:12

RHEL 5.2 beta is released and many interesting features and software updates are expected.

It is very unusual for software to be updated (instead of bugfix backports) in a Red Hat Enterprise distribution (or CentOS for that matter) but there are exceptional cases where this makes more sense than the alternative.

Red Hat has decided that for desktop applications they can make that exception, meaning Red Hat and CentOS desktop users (me!) will soon be able to use a recent Firefox, Thunderbird or OpenOffice.

I welcome this decision although that means that I have to carefully rephrase my definition of RHEL/CentOS during customer meetings and presentations. I already used the wifi infrastructure backport in the RHEL4 series as such an example where customer requests (here Cisco) are validated and results into fresh fruit in old trees. Undoubtedly with a lot of testing and QA guarantees.

Now, the really big and exciting news (brought to me by Karanbir) is that RHEL 5.2 will include Dstat by default. Not only does it mean that I can die peacefully now, it also allows me to open a bug-report with Red Hat to fix my own code ;-)

Even though RHEL is the last distribution to include dstat, it is most dear to me since that is what I work with everywhere and what I promote. Thank you Red Hat.

Update: Only after posting I noticed that LWN did not exactly reference Red Hat's announcement directly, and that actually has all the good stuff in it :-)


... and about time I think!

I think I launch Dstat more than top on my boxes nowadays.
Wouldn't dstat -l -c -p -y -m -p -d -n make a nice tattoo?

A nicer tattoo than dstat

A nicer tattoo than dstat -lcpympdn