Running Drupal 6 !

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2008/02/15 - 01:06

Somewhat in the heat of the moment I decided to move to Drupal6. I was not really planning on doing it until after a few months, but somehow the excitement took over to just make a copy of the database and test-run it on the copy.

I started over with the fresh Drupal6 codebase, copied over the relevant content from my settings.php and pointed it to the copy of the database. Without installing any module I just did an update and it simply worked.

My theme was gone ofcourse, putting my Burnt theme back (with my own CSS modifications) was simple. Some of the blocks were missing because I actually forgot to put the modules in place. So I looked for the ones that existed: AutopathPathauto, Captcha, Event and Token. And was lucky enough that only these were necessary for all of the functionality. Sadly the Recent blocks module seems to be unmaintained, so I switched to the default Popular content block, not the same but good enough for me.

Then I did another update for the new modules. I got a problem with the Event module update, which looked as if a second run could cope with it and indeed, a second run reported no errors.

In the end, I was so excited of the result that I just switched the old Drupal5 with the new and shining Drupal6 one, et voilà...

No major problems for me. The site looks mostly identical :-)

Update: There is a minor issue with the included Update status module. Drupal tells me that my Burnt v6.x-1.6 theme is out-of-date and I should 'upgrade' to Burnt v6.x-1.5. I guess I have got a newer release than Drupal has in its database. A simple version comparison could prevent this.

Update 2: I noticed the Comment notify module is also missing for Drupal6. The upgrade-excitement is still justified. I am not listening to you. Lalala...

*cough* /Path/autho *cough*

Good to hear the update went smoothly.

It's the Pathauto module not "autopath" (nor "auto_path" nor "path_auto" as so many people like to say).

The update status issue may be temporary and related to new releases. Since the code that runs on is very expensive the results are cached so newly released packages are not listed.

The code also allows maintainers to signal to users that they should downgrade, so I don't think the simple version check you propose would solve that problem. The better solution is proposed and in the issue queue (update the relevant bits of the cache for updated projects).

Damn my lousy brain !

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the correction. Funny how I had the URL right but the name wrong.

Regarding the Update status module, I didn't know the system allowed to proposed a downgrade on purpose. Although a simple work-around could be that the Drupal database specifically flags a release to be downgraded to. In that case Drupal itself can do a version comparison, unless the older release has been flagged.

Because now I am worried that I should not be using this version of my Burnt theme. I wouldn't know if the system is wrong or there is a security problem with the latest release.

Thanks for your insight !

Please open an issue about

Please open an issue about your upgrae problem with event.module.

If I go to

If I go to the page is all messed up.. have tried only in Firefox 2.0.12 under linux, not sure if the problem is on your side

Caused by page compression

Yes, I got a similar report from a friend. I traced this to page compression being enabled and probably not working all too well with Apache or the browser.

Sadly I never experienced it because I guess compression was only used for static pages and not for users that are logged on (as myself).

Drupal 6.11

Can we expect a drupal6-6.11 package from your repo soon?

Done :-)

Done :-)


Oh, WTF - just finished one day before the next security update - 6.12 - has been released...

Thanks for the 6.12 update

Thank you dag for updating your drupal6 package to cover Drupal 6.12!

Drupal 6.13

Drupal 6.13 has been released today, with security fixes. Do you plan to provide the RPM soon?


I just did. Thanks!

I just did. Thanks!


Once again, a new D6 release, containing a security fix. And the first Drupal 6 running under PHP 5.3. Any plans to update your RPM, dag?

A little late, but here they

A little late, but here they come...

drupal6 updates

I'm looking at which hasn't been updated in over 18 months.

Then I found this blog that asserts there are newer packages than I can see there.


ps, there's something strange about this comments textarea, I can't see stuff I type against the RHS of the area.

They can be found at:

They can be found at: for the time being...


Once again, a new securiry update of Drupal has been released: 6.15. Is there any chance to see your repository updated, too?

Thanks dag!