Skype plugin for pidgin: real soon now ?

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2007/11/09 - 03:59

My periodic search for a Skype plugin for pidgin brought up the following link:

Haven't figured out how to make it work, though. No documentation, little source-code and only a pre-built library to chew on.

Keep us posted

Keep us posted on that one :)

Hey, thats me!

I noticed you had a link to my googlecode project. I'm just using googlecode for the CVS repo, and there's a link on the front page now that redirects to where the docs, changelogs and screenshots are.

The plugin is pretty stable and works on Linux and Windows. There's a working, but buggy, plugin for Adium too.

I'm also happy to answer email's or Skype IM's about it.

In your opinion, what would make it easier to "make it work"?

Hey you!

Apparently I didn't look close enough because I couldn't find any documentation, nor could I find sourcecode. After your comment, I looked back and was ashamed to find out everything was there.

Also I probably made the mistake to add the .so file in the /usr/lib/pidgin/ directory instead of the /usr/lib/purple-2/ directory. No wonder it was not picked up by pidgin...

I am interested in packaging it for RHEL/CentOS, but I wonder whether to call it pidgin-skype, purple-skype or libpurple-skype. The latter one is probably more correct but less obvious to users.

Also, I prefer if source archives are versioned otherwise buildsystems have no way to make sure they are using the correct version.

I just tested it here and it seems to work fine (I have no contacts online currently so limited testing). What is missing though is the protocol icon. I guess that needs to be installed as well (although it would be nice if it could look for it in the usual places ?).

I will blog about it when I have it packaged :-)

Thanks for your work :-)

Just to reply to a few

Just to reply to a few issues you bring up:

* I had trouble naming the plugin too, and I still havn't come up with any name that I like; something that shows that it's for pidgin, but something that shows that it's not just for pidgin :)

* I was wanting to make a few packages too, including a proper Windows installer. I've been using file mtime's as build numbers, however I havn't been keeping old versions, so any kind of packaging system might have trouble getting old versions. I was looking at putting an auto-updater inside the plugin itself so that it would check for new updates periodicly, but that's probably not ideal.

* The readme says where to get the protocol icons from. Unfortunatly, Skype says that if you distribute one Skype icon with source-code, you have to distribute all of them (2.7MiB worth compared to a few kiB of code). You can download the icons from

I'd be keen to see the package once you had it made :)
If you're needing to test the plugin, feel free to add me. I'm always happy to talk about the plugin and any features/bugs/feedback are greatly appreciated.

RPM Packaging


Just noticed you being interested in packaging this.
I package it by patching the normal pidgin specfile to build it.

patch to the specfile at

Makefile for simple build of new revisions at

This Skype Plugin seem great.

This Skype Plugin seem great. just still need Skype to be running to be able to use it, and I want to one plugin for pidgin for linux. at a word, I like this very much. thanks.

Just what I was looking for

That makes it much easier now for me to work.

Skype for Pidgin

Hi, fellows. I have the same problem with Skype on Pidgin as you have. I am on F10 i686 remade to desktop - only the first disk of Fedora Live installed on HD. It is a wondeful machine. I am looking at that pidgin and I am wondering what to do. It has one thousand chat protocols and settings and no skype. In my list I see AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, Group Wise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MySpace IM, QQ, SIKC Simple, Sametime, XMPP, Yahoo and Zephyr. How can I connect to skype using one of these. As for skype4pidgin the comments on Internet about it are not entirely positive.