DD-WRT security fix

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2009/07/23 - 09:02

If you haven't heard of the recent remote exploit yet, and you are using DD-WRT, update your devices ASAP. I did :-)

It is quite annoying and the bug seems something that should not have been overlooked, but I'm not considering to move to another firmware for my Linksys devices. DD-WRT provides so many features via a simple and elegant web interface that I am willing to let this one slip by.

Apart from updating my firmware about once every year and this quick fix that only took 10 minutes for a bunch of remote devices, each in a different location, I don't spend much time to manage it. And that's my trade-off.

It is an appliance, and appliances might have issues from time to time. At least this one was fixed pretty quickly.

not using the default LAN

not using the default LAN subnet can give you some additional security-through-obscurity...

Well, I have remote access

Well, I have remote access enabled so that was my first priority ;-)