Drupal as seen by its creator

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2007/10/17 - 17:10

Monday evening, had a hard time finding the location because I trusted my GPS. It told me there was no such street-number. In the end I parked my car to search for the venue by foot and surprisingly I was parked 2 meters from the runway. Doh!

When I entered it was apparent that I was under-dressed for the occasion. For an exciting and young project like Drupal, the attendants were mostly dressed in suits. (mental note: do some research next time).

Dries' presentation was enlightening because instead of looking at the technical side, it was mostly about the social impact and the functional side. "Eliminating the middlemen" was a recurring theme and some of the questions made it obvious that not everyone grasped the consequences of that and what Open Source really means. One of the things that hit me was that we (as in: the Open Source community) have a long way to go...

Something else I learned during the presentation is that my own presentations must be boring compared to this one. (mental note: add artwork, remove words)

Unfortunately I skipped most of the networking after the presentation because (I thought) I had to pick up my girlfriend. (doh, wrong monday :/)

I enjoyed the presentation a lot, which should have been obvious from the permanent smile :-)

Thanks Dries !