First CentOS book available as ebook

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2009/07/03 - 10:55

About 18 months ago I blogged about the fact there was no book that focused on CentOS. There were books about Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which would be the same, but none of them had CentOS on the cover. None would discuss the community aspect, where to get help or why it matters in size.

Since a few days the first book about CentOS, and only CentOS, is available as an ebook from APRESS.COM with the title "The Definitive Guide to CentOS". It was written by Peter Membrey, Tim Verhoeven and Ralph Angenendt, all part of the CentOS community. And I was honored for being asked to write the foreword.

You can order the book from the Apress website, or simply buy it from Amazon. The printed books will be available from bookstores in the coming weeks. If you are planning to start using Linux on the server, this book is a good guide to get you started and acquire the confidence that you need to make progress with Linux.

More CentOS Books

Just did a quick check on, and there are two more upcoming CentOS books in addition to the one you have mentioned.

Foundations of CentOS Linux: Enterprise Linux On the Cheap
by Chivas Sicam and Ryan Baclit
Available Sept. 7th 2009

CentOS Bible
by Christopher Negus and Timothy Boronczyk
Available July 27th 2009

The book you mention shows to be available on July 13th 2009 on

Right, I knew about those and

Right, I knew about those and when they're published I'll blog about these as well. In fact I already have a list of them on the CentOS wiki at:

But each book deserves its own announcement :-)