First impressions of Drupal

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2007/10/04 - 19:18

I was impressed of my progress in using Drupal. Even though I bought 2 books about Drupal on Amazon, I did not want prior knowledge to spoil my first impression.

The greatest strength of Drupal in my opinion, is the structure it provides to accommodate themes and modules. It becomes obvious that great effort is put into thinking everything through. Not sure if it is true, but it feels as if Drupal has been prototyped several times to become what it is now.

Now, one of the weaknesses of Drupal is that I have spend time looking for something, either because the terminology is very unfamiliar or because something could reside on different places in the configuration. For example, I looked forever to find how to restore the menu for anonymous users and then equally long to replace the menu by a set of primary links.

Another thing I still haven't grasped is how I ought to use Categories/Keywords to tag my Blog entries. I don't think what I do now is correct.

All in all, I'm positively surprised and understand why Drupal is so popular. In a future article I hope to talk about how I adapted my Drupal installation for blogging, and what items I cannot resolve myself.

A good reference for taxonomy

A good reference for taxonomy is and it gives various examples of taxonomy. I think the Drupal term vocabulary should really be taxonomy class or perhaps just classifications to make it clearer that it is a named set of terminology.