First stable release of Drupal comment_moderation module

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2009/04/17 - 16:56

We released today the first stable release of the comment_moderation module for Drupal. I was lucky to have another Drupal developer David Stosik to join the project. David implemented all the remaining functionality that I wanted for the first stable release.

The comment_moderation module provides you a custom view on your approval queue by allowing you to moderate comment by comment, moving from one to the next and giving the options to publish, edit, reply, delete or report to mollom as spam. It always returns to the next comment in the queue.

It takes away some of the pain of using the default approval queue. And in fact the comment_moderation view is also accessible from the approval queue if you do not want to use the comment_moderation block.

Future development is still open, but we are looking at the following wishlist:

  • more integrated mollom support
  • showing embedded (obfuscated) links from comment body
  • browse (re-moderate) published comments
  • batch moderation by IP address/hostname

If you are interested in certain functionality we are happy to receive feedback. And thank you David :-)