Healthy mind ?

Submitted by dag on Sat, 2009/02/21 - 13:38

A new governmental campaign (Fit in je hoofd) is trying to get more public attention to psychological health and a questionnaire together with advice provides you with enough food for thought to reflect on yourself and the people around you. (It is in Dutch only!)

At the end of the questions they summarize how you cope with problems and stress and compares it to average good behaviour and average bad behaviour.

My summary looks like this:

My weak points are that I try to avoid problems/stress (instead of dealing with it, I guess ?) more than I should and that I seldom seek support from others.

I do like to think that my parents taught me to relativize (put into context) problems, analyze and find solutions and those qualities help you cope.

At university I learned that my own peace of mind is more important than pleasing others or care about what others might think. And amidst "my own kind" (geeks?) I turned from introvert to extrovert.

I also became more aware of my inner state and started to manage things that would cause stress and distress (drop ballast). I may have become less punctual in some regards, but in general I will arrive good tempered :-)

Another way to feel good about yourself is to make yourself useful to others. If you lack in that department, there are many ways to volunteer for the better good, my good cause is Open Source.

In the end, I think everyone should take part in such a questionnaire to reflect on what easily is forgotten in our society. Your physical condition is much more visible than your psychological condition but the latter is much more important in general.

Update: After reading this again one month later I feel I should add that if I would have taken this test between age 14 and 18 it would be very bad/depressing. Mostly because during my high-school years I didn't have that many friends with similar interests and I didn't get on well with the people of same age.

So if you are in high-school and not feeling confident or feeling that well, remember that the context you live in can change how you feel dramatically. So don't give up, there's nothing wrong with you :-)