How I became more "pure" with no effort

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2007/10/04 - 23:37

I am going to be very frank on my blog: I am a pine user. Yes, I admit it. In fact, I've never really lied about it, but I did obfuscate my email headers so people wouldn't harass me.

"So what ?" I hear you say. Well, for one it made me less pure. It was never free software and I was tainted... But I really did try to withdraw from using pine. In the last 13 years I had 3 attempts to move to mutt and even with the help of close friends, it was all in vain.

It made me less pure and you can tell from the eyes of the community and the voices whispering. "That is the guy who uses something non-free..."

Well, now you all stand corrected, because since more than a month I have lost one weight. Since alpine went public I can now use my beloved key-combinations, filters, templates and all that. With Eric, Bruce and Richard on my side, I am free !

(Stay tuned for more tales from the crypt: Adobe Flash)

PS: Although I seriously doubt all three of them to coexist in one room :)

Looks like Alpine is

Looks like Alpine is restricted to a set of testers for now.

I look forward to this going public. I was once a long time Pine user, but moved to mutt quite some time ago. The reason wasn't even good - color worked on mutt, and I couldn't get it to work on Pine, or it was supported on Pine at the time.

I look forward to trying it out, mutt is good, but not perfect. And unlike many of my former mutt and pine friends who have jumped to Thunderbird, I just can't feel productive in a GUI mail client.

Sources are available.

And RPM packages are in RPMforge as well.

You can find the source at:

The mailinglist seems to be closed to public though.

I have nothing against mutt, I am just too used to Pine. There are some things that I would like to see in my email client that none of the existing ones seems to be able to handle. Maybe I should blog about my wishes as well some day.

(Let's add a TO-BLOG list in my Drupal view ;-))