How to loose your Firefox tabs

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2009/01/21 - 22:51

You think Firefox restores your tabs when you close and open it (with Tab Mix Plus or the session saver). Don't bet on it, try the following sequence:

  1. Open the Download window
  2. Open a few tabs
  3. Close the main firefox windows
  4. Open a new firefox instance (only the homepage is opened)

You have now lost all your tabs. If those contained any resident information or things you wanted to read/follow up they've been lost :-/

So if you didn't know the Download page was still open somewhere, starting a new firefox will loose your collection of tabs.


So how can one recover ? If you are lucky, you can find a backup file in ~/.mozilla/firefox/XXXXXXXX.default/sessionstore.bak that you can rename back to sessionstore.js and hopefully that one is not too old either.

Yep, not ideal, but that's

Yep, not ideal, but that's why I just use Ctrl+Q to quit. That makes sure it closes all windows, including the download manager.

Ctrl+Q works out of the box on Linux and there's an extension I wrote for Windows Firefox that adds Ctrl+Q as a shortcut for quit.

slight difference...

There is a difference. When i close multiple tabs, firefox asks me for confirmation *unless this is the last window open*.
So when I see the confirmation, then I know that there is another firefox window open somewhere.

I just tested this with the download window, same result.

So checking Preferences - tabs - Warn me when closing multiple tabs, might end your frustration.