Isn't it ironic ?

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2008/09/25 - 00:49

Not even a year after I reported annoying comment spam that looks relevant but instead advertises irrelevant websites, Kris now has the same problem !

I bet Kris his solution was not working for my problem after all ? Who would have thought ? While I should be feeling sad, I am enjoying the irony here ;-)

Now, the question is, on which spam forums was Kris his blog mentioned ? Google to the rescue !

To be honest, the real fix for this is a very loud advertised "the comments on this blog are moderated, no need to advertise irrelevant links". Since the comments are human-fed, that should make some people think twice before doing the effort (I hope). So I guess we urgently need a Drupal module that adds a custom (scare) message right before the comment-entry form.

Any takers ?