Laptop memory usage

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2007/11/07 - 16:27

A week ago I visited MediaMarkt looking for some money to spend (and in the same throw improve my own life). There was this amazing deal to buy 2x 1GB DDR2 laptop-memory for only 77€. Faster than my laptop needs, but it happens to work flawlessly.

I always felt that my laptop could use more memory since I have this bad habit to use Firefox tabs as permanent memory. If I stumble upon interesting information but have limited time to read it, I just open a new tab to continue surfing.

On an average day I can easily have 100 Firefox tabs in my browser, so I was confident I needed more memory...

Guess what, now that I have 2GB instead of 1GB of memory, I have on average 700MB of memory free. That's right, not used as cache, buffers or for applications.

The amazing part is that before I could easily use 900MB of used memory (see Firefox habit), I know have on average only 600MB of used memory and unsurprisingly my system seems to respond much better as well.

I don't know what the exact reason for this is, but I have this distinct feeling that when you are low (< 50%) on memory, applications (Firefox?) is committed to use more memory than it would otherwise use.

One week is of course too short to theorize over system behavior and probable causes, so I will report back, but something fishy is going on here...

I doubt it's related. I

I doubt it's related. I usually run Firefox with over 200 tabs and almost never turn off my laptop at home. Sometimes I find that Firefox keeps eating up memory even if I'm not browsing and find it's consumed all the free memory (I usually have to kill it then). I was upset to see that Firefox's memory usage on Windows is a lot, lot better.