Late night Dstat release

Submitted by dag on Tue, 2008/02/26 - 02:57

I was surprised of the enthusiasm and feedback I got during and after my Dstat presentation at FOSDEM 2008. Even though I revisited my older slides and made the presentation shorter, I was not as prepared as I was with previous presentations but apparently that did not affect audience participation :-)

Someone in the audience noted that a few of the plugins I showed off (topcpu or topio) were not distributed with Dstat's latest release and I was surprised afterwards that the list of 'missing' plugins was longer than I anticipated. That is what you get if you always run from subversion :-/ So I promised to release the current version asap as it is quite stable. (I think I even told a release was imminent during LinuxConf in Cambridge as well, I am so sorry)

So, Dstat v0.6.7 is now available and let me apologise for not doing it any time sooner.

As I mentioned during my presentation, there are a few things changing. Dstat will move to sourceforge, integration of the large set of patches from Kelly Long (MySQL) and hopefully we will start designing Dstat2 from the ground up as well. My wishlist for Dstat2 is better plugin support, support for C and Perl plugins and having the counter-collection seperated from the dstat tool.

But for now, have fun with eg.

dstat -t -d -M topio,topbio

Thanks to everyone present, the interaction was greatly appreciated as I am not very fond of long monologues. Especially, when I have to do them ;-)

Thanks for packaging dstat

Thanks very much for packaging this! This will be perfect for reporting and testing stats on some of my desktops and servers. Thanks for all the hard work you put into maintaining the repo, it's appreciated.