Leaving CentOS team, not CentOS community

Submitted by dag on Sun, 2009/06/28 - 00:35

With disappointment and regret I decided to resign from the CentOS team after having spent the prior weekend thinking it through. It was not the first time I was in this situation, but this time the number of reasons weighed up against the belief that I can make a difference from within the team.

One month ago, being in the same situation and discussing this with some team members/friends, I regained hope that we could fix this and incidentally, that's when I started the CentOS Pulse newsletter to improve the project's communication.

However a recent incident showed yet again a lack of trust and appreciation and made me question my involvement. There are also a few reasons that I consider internal kitchen and therefore will not be disclosed, but the project lacks leadership, shows poor communication, little transparency and fails to engage more people from the community (eg. great need for improvements, plenty offerings, but slow or little acceptance).

I never had any responsibility in producing the base CentOS distribution and therefore my decision will not have any effect on the final product that people are using. That what makes CentOS a good Linux distribution with, quite possibly, the largest installed Linux base.

And while I may no longer be part of the CentOS team, I still am an avid CentOS user and advocate. And hope that the team (of which I consider many good friends) can turn this around for the benefit of its community, including myself :-)

im so sorry

Thanks for you works for Centos

Sorry to read this

I hope you know that many have appreciated all of your contributions.

some still do

And some still do appreciate you, Rpmforge ftw! :-)

PS: it's disturbing to find out there are so many problems within the Centos project, especially as it may be the distro with the largest installed base. Let's hope it's all going to be ok! I <3 Centos!

Ditto for everything above

I'll just repeat everything everyone above have said - I'm a relatively recent convert to CentOS (about 4 years, after ten years of Debian only) and your work both on RPMForge and in CentOS has made things so much more comfortable.

Wish you good luck in whatever you endeavour to do next.

I agree and sad to see things have turned out this way.

Dag, it is sad to see you go. As a devoted CentOS user I have often turned to your rpms for so many purposes, virtual appliance development, services, etc. You are appreciated by the community; for the hard work you do and the commitment you have made to ensuring the usability and availability of the distro and it's software. As others have mentioned it disturbing and unsettling to me that such issues are at hand within the CentOS core. I hope things turn out for the better and thank you again.

Bad news

Thanks for your contribution to the community, I hope you
know you've helped a lot of people around the world.

I'm hoping you return someday, but if not I wish you good
luck with your plans for the future

Regards from Norway

thanks for all your work

It was fun with you making the CentOS booth last year (unfortunately I did not have time this year) and I really like your strive for transparency as this is one of the most annoying this to me in the CentOS project...


thanks for the assistance ...

we hope this problem will be resolved to improve all around comunity!!!

And this in the same week as the loss of Michael Jackson?

It's a long time ago since you learned me the basics, how/where to find more and part of that "more".

But I still appreciate you a lot for your educational skills and as a person.

I have no doubt you were a great value to the Centos-team, for your skills and for your ideas.

But on the other side, maybe you have time to reply to my mails now :)

As a tribute I shall start using Cent-OS while your footprint on it is still warm :)

Justine Henin made a comeback, will you?

I am sorry as well

As a devoted CentOS user, I would like to thank you for all that you do, the great rpms, the commitment to promoting CentOS Linux, and ensuring the distro is successful, as well as its software. It is sad to see that the CentOS team has "left you" not you leaving them. Myself and the rest of the community can only hope that things will get better and resolve themselves.

Continue your good work!

Dear Dag,

Thank you for all you good work and contributions. It is very much appreciated! Please continue, in whatever way you feel you can help.

Kind regards,

Big thank you

... for all your work for CentOS community. Unfortunately and with regret I have to agree with your thoughts about CentOS project/team.
Best luck in whatever you choose to do in the future!


A big thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the project. Although I've never been a part of the official team, but I've maintained a bit of content on the wiki. I have to agree with you often about their lack of appreciation and communication at this level. I've often times posted ideas for new pages and content, often to be very quickly shot down. They seem to want things so locked down at their wiki level, that it's hard to post some things from time to time, to the point where I probably won't go back to post new things any longer.

I really hope that they are able to change this around. I've always enjoyed writing documentation for projects that I work with on CentOS, but their level of control is cumbersome.

I certain appreciate tight control when it comes to things, but when community members are trying to help and it becomes difficult, you'll find that control isn't always a good thing.

I certainly hope they can fix these issues in the future, because losing a valuable contributor like yourself is detrimental to the project.

Thanks again for all your work in the past to make CentOS a wonderful OS.

Well, rats...

Sorry to read this. I appreciate your work very much. I hope everything settles (and I don't even pretend to know what is going on) because, in my opinion, CentOS is the best community Linux distribution available.