Linuxtag 2008 in Berlin was brilliant

Submitted by dag on Mon, 2008/06/02 - 13:51

The latest edition of Linuxtag was very productive. During the 4 days the CentOS crew managed to do several things, including:

  • professional booth with a 24" screen/laptop setup that we can now reuse for other events around Europe
  • proper template slides for events like this (also now a German translation thanks to Ralph and Felix)
  • well received "CentOS and Enterprise Linux" presentation
  • strengthened our ties with the Fedora project
  • have a much better solution for our CentOS media (both printing and burning)
  • met interesting individuals who (I am sure) will strengthen the CentOS project
  • have a new set of objectives for the CentOS project

Apart from the usual suspects, I met some very interesting people from the Gnome Foundation, Fedora project, Transifex and the VideoLan project without even having taken the time to walk around Linuxtag. From that perspective it becomes similar to FOSDEM, I never to find the time to visit the booths or attend a lot of the presentations myself in recent years.

Regardless of the busy 4 days I still feel that 4 days is a bit too long for Linuxtag. Having to sacrifies 3.5 working days as a freelancer is very painful. And having to travel 7 hours to get there (thanks Tim !) takes a lot of energy.

Next up is NLLGG, Jornadas Regionales, FroSCOn and T-DOSE. I'll catch you there !

Sacrificing 3.5 days...

To avoid sacrificing the 3.5 days, you need a personal sponsor who'll pay for your attendance! All you need to do is manage to convince a customer it's his/her application you're working on while you're there and charge it to them!

I wish...

Resources from the show


Thanks for the mini report from the show. Any chance any of the resources you mentioned are available for download? Is there a video of the presentation somewhere? Slides, etc?

I'd like to check them out.


Hi Dag,

thanks again for your excellent talk and the presentation. Well done!

I would have loved to talk more with you and get to know the other CentOS guys as well, but unfortunately you were sitting at the wrong end of the long table when we had lunch on Friday. But I'm sure we'll meet again next year. :)