mrepo 0.8.6 released

Submitted by dag on Mon, 2008/10/06 - 22:25

I just released mrepo 0.8.6 with RHEL 4.7's RHN/up2date code included which makes mrepo work on other distributions without requiring to copy those libraries.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Support for RHEL5 and CentOS-5.
  • Added YaST Online Update support.
  • Added fuseiso support (root access no longer needed).
  • Added unionfs support to merge ISOs to a single tree.
  • Faster relinking of repositories.
  • Caching of directory indexes to prevent regenerating repositories.
  • Proxy-support for rhnget and gensystemid.
  • Added rhnget --list option for searching packages.
  • Added rhnget --filter option for selecting downloads.
  • Added rhnget --source option for downloading SRPMs from RHN.

See the ChangeLog for more details.

A big thank-you to the following list of people for helping out with features and bugfixes in this release:

  • Ian Forde
  • Gareth Armstrong
  • Oliver Falk
  • Tom G. Christensen
  • Francois Aucamp
  • Bruno Cornec
  • Frederic Pica
  • Gabe Johnson
  • Bjoern Engels
  • Chandan Dutta Chowdhury
  • Alexander Bergolth
  • Nicole Hähnel
  • Leo Eraly

Please let me know if you find any problems with this release as I plan to fix any outstanding issues quickly in a subsequent 0.8.7 release.