mrepo now with fuseiso and unionfs support (0.8.5 ready soon ?)

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2008/08/15 - 02:49

I am planning to do an mrepo 0.8.5 release very soon. For those new to mrepo, mrepo is a python tool that can download RPMs from repositories, but also from Red Hat Network and Yast Online Update (or CentOS or OpenSUSE for that matter), mount ISO images if needed, and create repositories out of it.

For the people that have heard of Red Hat Satellite, consider it a (free) light version that only covers downloading the updates and making it available.

However it does also take care of reporting newly available packages, as well as providing the necessary layout for doing kickstart installations from it. And if you know what buttons to push, also provides a nice TFTP layout for PXE booting.

In effect that means that on a single system you can download RHEL and SLES updates for all your architectures and versions on a single system and then make it available within your network.

Once set up it does everything by itself, but also allows to create your own repositories and, for instance, create staging and production repositories so you can cherrypick the things you want to distribute to groups of servers.

Now, there are many new features in this release (that is almost 2 years late). The most important ones are:

  • now ships with the rhnlib and up2date library code it works out of the box on non-RHEL systems (and RHEL5)
  • fuseiso support which allows mrepo to be used by a user (no root privileges are needed if you have fuse configured)
  • unionfs support which merges different discs to a single one
  • Yast Online Update support (youget)
  • rhnget can now be used to list all available packages and download some based on regexp matches
  • Speed ups with respect to repository updates

Even though mrepo has a lousy maintainer, it managed to get some fortune-500 companies to use it.

PS I hereby apologize to existing users for always promising the new release but never doing it. But this time the sooner you send me feedback, the sooner 0.8.5 is out of the door (and I have one less item on my TODO list for another 2 years ;-))

Hi Dag, thank you for mrepo,

Hi Dag,

thank you for mrepo, it's really great. I'll try the svn version if I have time this weekend. Keep up the
good work!


Looks cool! I'm adding it on

Looks cool! I'm adding it on my TODO list to try it out.


Can hardly wait

Sounds exactly like what we're looking for. When's it to be released?