mrepo: now with YOU (Yast Online Update) support

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2007/10/19 - 16:52

Yes! After a few weeks of wanting this I finally took the time to write it. With the help from Jo De Baer I wrote YOU (Yast Online Update) support for mrepo.

mrepo works with helper-tools for the actual downloading of updates or creation of metadata and so the real meat is inside the tool called youget.

The benefit for mrepo is that it now can use packages from different sources (ISO images, HTTP/S, FTP/S, SSH/SCP, RSYNC, RHN and now YOU) and is moving closer to become distribution agnostic.

Enabling YOU support is really simple. Just copy 2 files from a registered system inside of the directory for NLD9 and enable the YOU-channels. Nothing to it and much easier than RHN. Also the implementation is easier to support than what we have within rhnget.

Thanks Jo !