My first presentation for everyone to mock

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2008/04/10 - 20:45

Finally FrOSCon made available the video of my first dstat presentation, which was also my first presentation at an Open Source conference *ever* !

I am a bit disappointed that I did not have access to it before doing the same presentation at 3 different other venues, as I could have learned much from it. It shows that I had not slept that night because of the stress and sleepless nights turn me hyperactive :-)

So here it is:


So why would I put this lousy performance online ? Since I want to do this more, I want to improve my presentation skills, I want your feedback. What would you do different ? What did I do right ? What can I learn from you ?

Kuddos to the nice people from FrOSCon, who not only made a superb event for exhibitors and speakers, but also record and contribute the presentation. This is not only useful for people that have missed it, it also improves the skills of speakers, I hope :)


First, dstat is really cool. Now that I'm using it I wonder how come I (and others) havent felt the need to have such a handy tool available before.

The presentation was nice, I've seen worse. And I liked it how you whistled at times :-)