Names for subversion repositories

Submitted by dag on Sun, 2010/03/21 - 18:10

When I have to set up a subversion repository I like to give them special names. Especially when multiple subversion repositories are deployed inside organizations, it make sense to remove any confusion to name them something other than "subversion" or "svn".

I often prefer the name "shelf" for the repository that holds most of the technical information for a sysadmin team. This repository typically would hold directories like: docs/ rpms/ scripts/ tools/ per operating system or technology domain.

So there are a few companies now all using a shelf :-) And you can unmistakenly tell someone to put that piece on the shelf. Other names could be:

  • shelf - sysadmin stuff
  • fridge - DAVfs (usually binary files)
  • vault - for internal use only
  • coffin - stuff that needs to die ?
  • closet

As long as the names are not IT related, there's no confusion. What naming-conventions for repositories have you used before ?