I am a freelance Linux consultant by trade, a sysadmin by vocation and an Open Source developer by conviction. Welcome to my soapbox !

What makes one a Field Commander ?

Since I started this blog, people on the street ask me: "Tell me Dag, what makes you a Field Commander ?"

When I am good-tempered I usually answer that there are many qualities a good Field Commander needs, but the most important definitely is the silly hat.

(Being a Leonard Cohen fan often helps too.)

How I became more "pure" with no effort

I am going to be very frank on my blog: I am a pine user. Yes, I admit it. In fact, I've never really lied about it, but I did obfuscate my email headers so people wouldn't harass me.

"So what ?" I hear you say. Well, for one it made me less pure. It was never free software and I was tainted... But I really did try to withdraw from using pine. In the last 13 years I had 3 attempts to move to mutt and even with the help of close friends, it was all in vain.

Promoting OSS: Social networks

A year ago as a CentOS team member I had taken the task upon myself to promote CentOS at events. Since LinuxWorld 2006 in London, we have organised presence at at least 8 different events, and we intend to do even better.

One of my personal favorites was FOSDEM 2007 which was the biggest gathering of CentOS volunteers to date. And I am positive that with everybody's help we can do even better the next edition.

First impressions of Drupal

I was impressed of my progress in using Drupal. Even though I bought 2 books about Drupal on Amazon, I did not want prior knowledge to spoil my first impression.

The greatest strength of Drupal in my opinion, is the structure it provides to accommodate themes and modules. It becomes obvious that great effort is put into thinking everything through. Not sure if it is true, but it feels as if Drupal has been prototyped several times to become what it is now.

One has to start somewhere...

Indeed, it became inevitable. Now that CentOS has its own Planet CentOS, I have no more excuse to keep my life private. And here's a fair warning to people around me, if you do not behave I'll post about you as well :-)

I chose to kick off using Drupal, not because people recommended it (in fact nobody I asked mentioned it), but because I am very interested in using Drupal for other content and for other projects as well. So it made more sense to me to use something that is flexible enough and doesn't do only Weblogs.