I am a freelance Linux consultant by trade, a sysadmin by vocation and an Open Source developer by conviction. Welcome to my soapbox !

RPMforge: the desire for more professionalism

I am being fed up with the state of our RPMforge infrastructure lately. The RPMrepo website is down, and the RPMforge wiki is hosted there. This is a theme recurring every XX months. I myself neglected the infrastructure (as long as the repositories work!), simply because I lack the time to maintain it.

But since it is becoming a liability and we have more people involved, I want to fix this once and for all, I am looking for a few donated managed servers that we can set up so a single glitch does not rip out some of our infrastructure.

Apache enabling tunneling SSH over HTTPS

After 5 years Apache finally committed a patch, to allow CONNECT over SSL, to trunk. This is very good news for proxytunnel users, but everyone in general. Finally progress on this topic ! Here's hoping this will end up in RHEL6 before the freeze...

Is 7 years of RHEL support still sufficient ?

Seven years is a long time. Most people won't know where they are in 7 years. I'm interested to find out how many kids will be running around the house in 2016 :-) However if you are responsible for thousands of Enterprise Linux servers, seven years may no longer be sufficient.

Let me explain what I mean. When Red Hat released RHEL2.1, seven years of support was perfect, seemed more than one would want. RHEL3 came 18 months after RHEL2.1 and after one year of testing RHEL3 and 3rd party integration new systems could be deployed, giving you 6 years of support. Your hardware would usually not outlive the operating system support.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 released !

Today Red Hat released a minor update (v5.4) of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 product line. The minor releases comprise mostly of bug-fixes and feature enhancements and the official announcement is pretty light on both, likely because Red Hat has its yearly summit right now in Chicago. (And yes, I lack the budget to go there :-/)

To get a better picture at what is in RHEL 5.4, you can read the Beta announcement and the (unusual) Beta update announcement.

My life in blocks of 140 bytes...

I know, I know, those early adopters won this round. I am on twitter...

Going to Japan Linux Symposium

So I'll be going to the 1st Japan Linux Symposium to present dstat (and wiipresent ;-)) and of course visit Tokyo and surroundings. It will be my first time in Japan, so now is the time to tell me what is definitely worth on the shortlist !

The presentation will be a complete update with the latest features and examples, and if all goes well I'll be introducing something new too...

PS Since I don't eat fish, you can strike sushi already :-)

No longer listed at planet.centos.org

I noticed that I am no longer listed on Planet CentOS as I resigned from the team.

So you'll have to either read Planet Grep (Belgian Open Source aggregator) or have to come back here to read this blog :-)

CentOS-based LiveCD at FrOSCon

I previously blogged about how we are promoting WiiPresent at FrOSCon 2009 in Sankt-Augustin, Germany. We give away Wii Remotes and bluetooth dongles to speakers and every conference room has a system hooked up to the beamer that is running a custom CentOS-based LiveCD (actually a LiveUSB) image.

WiiPresent at FrOSCon 2009

After the presentation last year about using the Nintendo Wii remote for giving presentations we are this year taking it to second base !

For all speakers we will provide wiimotes and bluetooth dongles in all conference rooms. We also created a CentOS-based LiveCD with various presentation software and WiiPresent. With a single click you can connect your wiimote to your system to start applications and control your mouse.

CentOS 4.8 finally there ?

So it looks like we are going to have CentOS 4.8 before RHEL 5.4 after all. I blogged about the big 4.8 release delays a week ago and we can expect CentOS 4.8 on Friday if all goes well. Maybe the weekend ?

If you remember that RHEL 4.8 was released on 18 May 2009, that makes CentOS 4.8 three months (or 95 days) late. Of course it is impossible to release a rebuild at the same time as the original, but 3 months is a lot of QA :-)

CentOS 4.8 release delays again

After the big CentOS 5.3 release delay in the beginning of 2009, the community witnesses history repeating with CentOS 4.8 being delayed even longer. It is unfortunate that 13 weeks after Red Hat released RHEL 4.8, CentOS is unable to release their own rebuild.

Limited Open Source traveling budget

While I am waiting for a decision about a (partly) refund of my travel expenses to Japan Linux Symposium in Tokyo, I wanted to discuss what I expect from organizations for talking at conferences.

The burden of keeping things private

Now that the cat is out of the bag I can discuss one part of what bothered me within the CentOS project for more than 2 years. Something which was unknown to outsiders, but also not discussable inside of the project because of the fear of the repercussions of bringing up this topic during a meeting. If you cannot discuss, you cannot fix.

DD-WRT security fix

If you haven't heard of the recent remote exploit yet, and you are using DD-WRT, update your devices ASAP. I did :-)

It is quite annoying and the bug seems something that should not have been overlooked, but I'm not considering to move to another firmware for my Linksys devices. DD-WRT provides so many features via a simple and elegant web interface that I am willing to let this one slip by.

Nokia E71 modem on CentOS Linux

I often use my cellphone to connect my laptop to the Internet on the train or when I am in the car, not driving. Fabian was interested in the details and since I promised him this almost a year ago, without further ado...

So here is an overview of how I configure my Nokia E71 to be used as a modem (over bluetooth) with my laptop. First make sure you have bluez-utils installed by running either apt-get install bluez-utils or yum install bluez-install

Then check if you can find your cellphone by doing: