Nokia E71 firmware update

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2008/11/26 - 05:45

About every 2 weeks I backup my phone and in the same effort see if there is a firmware update from Nokia. Because of a few glitches in the current (original) firmware I was hopeful Nokia was listening.

  • 5 to 10 sec unresponsiveness (once or twice a week)
  • spontaneous reboot when using mostly in addressbook (once a month)
  • inability to enter addressbook, quits immediately (3 times in 6 months)
  • WPA and WPA2 authentication does not work (luckily dd-wrt can have different auth on a single AP)

And today I found the shiny new v110.07.127 firmware update ready to be installed. Time will tell if those glitches are gone. (The WPA problem still exists for me) Does the new firmware feel much more interactive, or is my mind playing tricks on me again ?

After the firmware upgrade and restoring the backup I did loose some applications. I don't know why exactly, it seems that the applications on my phone's memory were either not backupped, or not restored :-(

E71 - Firmware update


I'm surprised WPA/WP2 authentication does not work on your E71, I'm currently still running on the old E71 software and I haven't had any problem with WPA authentication. I'm using WPA2 Personal TKIP authentication at home and I can connect without any problems...

About the rest, I have had the other problems too: the spontanious reboots and unresponsiveness. Hope the new firmware fixed these problems.

Same problem here

I experience the exact same problems as you.

Very interesting!


After using the e-71 for only about a week, i've grown very fond of this Nokia handset.

The only problem i have with this phone is the handsfree sound i get.

I have a plantronics bluetooth head set that i've used for several other phones and the sound with the e-71 gives me alot of noise and static sound which is really undesirable in my line of work.

Using the headphones from Nokia with the 2.5mm jack gives me the same headache.

Using the phone without any other handsfree devices works very well, but i spend about 3 hours on the phone every day, and using a handsfree solution of some sort is what i need.

Anybody having the same problem? I'd appreciate any tips to devices that might work better than my current plantronics.

e71 WPA

About WPA... with the original firmware of D-Link DIR-300 worked fine, with the dd-wrt it doesn't. Well I try to connect for a couple of hours now, I'll try a bit more and then I'll reflash my router with something differen then dd-wrt... athough I like the client bridge mode of dd-wrt and the VLANs :)

It is quite possible that

It is quite possible that there is an incompatibility between dd-wrt and Nokia E71. In my case I am using dd-wrt myself, but using dd-wrt v24sp1 I have set up 2 SSID's, one using WEP and the other using WPA.

So WEP is working fine for the time being.

E71 inconsistent with WPA2 (=AES)

This phone is just no good in a WPA2 environment - in WPA2 mode it does manages to make the 'wifi barer' connection - though the phone's (firm) sware prohibits the right encryption - only TKIP (WPA) mode is left...or does anyone found a better solution (I tried them all - disabeling powersave mode, playing with the RTS levels etc...this phone has to go...