One has to start somewhere...

Submitted by dag on Mon, 2007/10/01 - 18:36

Indeed, it became inevitable. Now that CentOS has its own Planet CentOS, I have no more excuse to keep my life private. And here's a fair warning to people around me, if you do not behave I'll post about you as well :-)

I chose to kick off using Drupal, not because people recommended it (in fact nobody I asked mentioned it), but because I am very interested in using Drupal for other content and for other projects as well. So it made more sense to me to use something that is flexible enough and doesn't do only Weblogs.

Even so, Drupal is a product from my region (which is Flanders, Belgium) and is very popular around here. The proof is in the pudding^W^WFOSDEM. And as a result I packaged Drupal 4 and Drupal 5 for RHEL/CentOS and it is now part of RPMforge.

So bear with me when I dive into this new adventure.