Presenting at LibreOffice conference in Paris

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2011/10/13 - 13:34

I am still alive, yes. My blog cannot be considered a good heartbeat :-) Last blog post must have been at least 3 months ago, but I have been busy. Really busy.

Good thing is that I will be presenting at the LibreOffice conference in Paris tomorrow about Unoconv. I am excited to pour some more energy into this tool and already the first day I have met some interesting people. Thanks to Cor Nouws from Nou&Off who was so kind to introduce me everywhere.

Cor's company Nou&Off is specialized in OpenOffice and LibreOffice migrations and training, but he is also heavily involved in the LibreOffice project and The Document Foundation. Looking now at the list of references is impressive. I hope I can learn from him how to combine work, hobby and family :-)

Together with Cor, I will be at the LibreOffice booth at T-DOSE 2011 as well. My presentation at T-DOSE will be about LibreOffice, AsciiDoc and how one would be focusing on documentation and still output great professional-looking documents in a corporate environment.

If you would be attending the LibreOffice conference, or T-DOSE 2011, or FOSDEM and you are using unoconv, feel free to talk to me. I am very interested to learn how people are using unoconv and the functionality they currently lack.

Information about Unoconv is available from the Unoconv website and our Unoconv Github repository.