Promoting OSS: Social networks

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2007/10/04 - 19:46

A year ago as a CentOS team member I had taken the task upon myself to promote CentOS at events. Since LinuxWorld 2006 in London, we have organised presence at at least 8 different events, and we intend to do even better.

One of my personal favorites was FOSDEM 2007 which was the biggest gathering of CentOS volunteers to date. And I am positive that with everybody's help we can do even better the next edition.

When recently LinkedIn added a Group feature I was very interested to exploit that feature to show some support for CentOS in a more professional environment, but why leave out other social networks ?

Result: in less than a week we almost trippled the number of subscribers on the popular networks. I hope the network effect can take it from here :-)

PS: I also started a Drupal group on LinkedIn for those interested.

already booked !

I've already booked it in my agenda ... :-)


interesting to know indeed, that there is already a date. Added it to my google calendar!
Also testing CentOS at our company now.

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