Qualcomm Gobi 2000 WWAN on RHEL5/CentOS-5

Submitted by dag on Mon, 2010/08/02 - 13:52

The backlight of my Thinkpad X200s stopped working reliably a few weeks ago and before using the warranty and shipping it back, I bought a Thinkpad X201 as a replacement. This system comes with a Qualcomm Gobi 2000 WWAN module (despite the box mentioning Ericsson F3507g) and while a driver exists, the device is something weird.

It presents itself as a USB device with id 05c6:9204 and the qcserial driver provides a /dev/ttyUSB0, however this device cannot be used as a modem, as one would expect. No, this device is used to send your firmware, which is not persistent (thus cannot survive a suspend-to-ram, hibernate or reboot). Once the firmware has been sent, the device disappears and a new USB device with id 05c6:9205 appears which can be used as a modem.

The firmware can be found using the excellent information found at ThinkWiki and its discussion page.

I don't know if the GPS functionality works at all and the device doesn't provide a control serial line either, like the Ericsson F3507g. But at least the driver is working and ships with todays 2.6.35 kernel (or lives as a patch for few older kernels). This means I am running a CentOS with 2.6.35 kernel, not my personal preference, but as an upside I can now test integration with Dstat and newer kernel functionality (as well as the perf infrastructure).

And who knows, maybe we can backport this to ELRepo for others to use with the RHEL5 2.6.18 kernel ?

PS Thanks to Matthew Garrett for examining the USB traffic dumps under Windows and writing the driver/firmware loader.