RHEL 5.3 Beta released

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2008/10/29 - 04:48

The CentOS community is pretty limited in what we can do to the core distribution. Since our mantra is "aiming to be 100% compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux" we cannot fix bugs or improve the CentOS core without waiting for Red Hat to make those modifications first. We have limited leverage and a 6-month release cycle against us.

But that is not the complete truth, Red Hat usually has an internal, a vendor and a publiccustomer beta period and everything that is found within that time-frame might get fixed before it is being shipped (and frozen) for the next 6 months.

Today RHEL 5.3 Beta was announced with a lot of interesting improvements.

So if we can improve the testing during the RHEL Beta program, everyone in the CentOS community directly benefits from that as well. Therefor it makes a lot of sense to encourage the large CentOS community to take part in the RHEL Beta program and help with improving the next CentOS releases. (You don't need my back patting, start already !)

If you are looking for the RHEL 5.3 Beta ISO images, go to Red Hat Network, log in, click on Download Software, expand the RHEL5 channel for your architecture and go to the Beta channel. There you can find the RHEL 5.3 Beta ISO images.

PS Feels like a déjà-vu ?

Downloading RHEL5.3 beta iso

Downloading RHEL5.3 beta iso images is restricted to people who have a valid RHEL5 subscription :-(

Yes, that is indeed

Yes, that is indeed unfortunate and might be hurting both projects. At least if you think it is as important as I think it is ;-)

Let's hope Red Hat understands this may benefit them and opens it up to the general public. Or at least make it possible to access them without an entitlement (subscription).

Beta access

I do think it seriously hurts both projects and hope Red Hat would reconsider access to the beta cd's. Novell does have public access to most of their betas. What about source access to the beta release?


I love new RedHat releases! Yay, I'm a geek!

Or you mocking me ? :-)

Or you mocking me ? :-)

I'm a bit shocked

Red Hat bumped CUPS from 1.2.4 to 1.3.7, and Samba from 2.0.28 to 2.0.32... I was already amazed to see they had bumped Samba from 2.0.25a to 2.0.28 in RHEL5 AND RHEL4.
Judging from their previous extremely strict package updating/patching policy, a bold step. I know, of course, that they must interoperate with Microsoft and everything, but still, AMAZING.
I just hope that they update MySQL-python as well. 1.2.1 is VERY outdated, and users are totally baffled (I was) when they can't get a clue about why PyKota doesn't work correctly with CentOS out-of-the-box because the underlying MySQL-python library has this very old bug.

Georger on Sat, 2008/11/01 -

Georger on Sat, 2008/11/01 - 16:23.
>I just hope that they update MySQL-python as well. 1.2.1 is VERY outdated
same is PHP 5.1.6 which is default in 5 so far...

Anyone have a subsription for RHEL

Anyone out there trying out this beta with a subscription.

Reviewing of this Beta is wanted


That would be Samba 3.x in my comment. Sorry.