RHEL 5.3 released

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2009/01/21 - 02:07

You may have heard it by now, RHEL 5.3 has been released.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 confirms Red Hat's commitment to Xen with a lot of virtualization enhancements, desktop enhancements, new hardware support, kernel improvements, includes openjdk and much more from the release notes.

This also triggers the CentOS 5.3 rebuild process which consists of the rebuilding of the SRPMs, removing use of trademark and artwork, patching CentOS specifics (eg. anaconda installer), fixing RPM spec files to (eg. self-hosting environment) and validations by the QA team. This process usually takes between 3 to 5 weeks.

You can follow the CentOS 5.3 rebuild process now via twitter.

interested to know when rhel 6.0 will be released.

Seems like the major enhancements in 5.3 is virtualisation. I believe the new kvm will not cause any problems to xen... or will it? Lets hope not.

I am also interested to know what else will be included in rhel 6.0. Its been a long wait. I heard ext4 will be included, kinda cool. I like the idea of not rushing. Its better to have a stable system. Good work red hat.

CentOS effected by obfuscation

How are RH's announcements regarding obfuscation going to effect CentOS.
Any chance we'll see Tao Linux come back?


The fact that Red Hat makes

The fact that Red Hat makes it harder to find individual kernel patches has no effect on the CentOS project itself as CentOS merely rebuilds the source RPMs Red Hat releases.

However, Red Hat also stopped providing RHEL6 test kernels and those kernels have been used and tested, also by CentOS users. So this move by Red Hat does affect Red Hat users and CentOS users alike, isolating them from their community. Most customers wouldn't care, but those that care about these kernel releases have value as well.

Tao Linux, or another community rebuild project, would be an exciting thought though.