RHEL 5.4 beta released

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2009/07/02 - 01:58

At the very same day as Firefox 3.5 hit the mirrors, Red Hat released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 Beta with a lot of interesting new functionality:

  • KVM hypervisor now supported (backported to stable 2.6.18 kernel)
  • Fencing agents for IBM LPAR HMC and Cisco MDS SAN switches
  • Updated ALSA drivers (backported to stable 2.6.18 kernel)
  • Improved laptop docking support
  • Updated graphics drivers
  • FUSE support (already available from RPMforge and elrepo.org)
  • Lots of kernel and driver improvements (too many to list them)

Apart from this Red Hat also shared Technology Previews within each release. Functionality that is not yet supported, but available for testing purposes:

  • FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet)
  • More kernel tracepoints for systemtap
  • ext4 filesystem support
  • gcc 4.4 and new glibc malloc
  • CIFS DFS support
  • samba3x and ctdb support for use with GFS
  • SPICE X11 drivers (future feature-rich display protocol)
  • Clustering with KVM hypervisor
  • Power LPAR support

If you have Red Hat Network entitlements you should have access to the RHEL 5.4 Beta and now is the time to report any issues you may find !

If you are looking for the RHEL 5.4 Beta ISO images, go to Red Hat Network, log in, click on Download Software, expand the RHEL5 channel for your architecture and go to the Beta channel. There you can find the RHEL 5.3 Beta ISO images.

Enjoy !

PS The newer 2.6.18-155.el5 kernel can be download without needing RHN access from: http://people.redhat.com/dzickus/el5/ So test it and report any issues to Red Hat directly !

XFS support?

I downloaded the beta last night but I don't see XFS support and I don't see any xfs packages on the DVD. Am I missing something?

Will be very happy to see XFS if it actually makes it into RHEL

Hey Tim I was confused about

Hey Tim

I was confused about it too. In fact I expected it to be in -155.el5 as well, much like kvm. But I noticed kvm comes seperately as kmod-kvm.

However, despite what Red Hat is announcing, I can't find FUSE or XFS either. Although I haven't checked the DVD myself yet.

Also, beware that Red Hat is not supporting XFS for every customer. They will only provide support for specific customers that are unable to use one of the other filesystems (ext3, ext4, gfs, ...) for their solution.

XFS is included in the

XFS is included in the -156.el5 kernel, but no sign of FUSE.

FUSE is available in -157.el5

FUSE is available in -157.el5 kernel :-)