RHEL 5.5 beta released

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2010/02/10 - 10:32

As expected Red Hat released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Beta. The Release Notes and Technical notes are included in the above link.

This beta update includes:

  • New hardware driver support (pmcraid, ibmvfs, bfa, be2iscsi)
  • Updated hardware support (too many to list)
  • Kickstart improvements to logging post-install
  • Run-time memory allocation for KVM guests (memory ballooning)
  • PCI passthrough improvements (hotswapping PCI devices, 1:1 performance improvements)
  • Detecting kernel tasks stuck in the uninterruptible sleep state (D-state)
  • Improved CFQ I/O scheduler performance
  • Kernel CIFS updates
  • Software updates (openoffice, metacity, samba, freeradius)

Apart from this Red Hat also shared Technology Previews within each release. Functionality that is not yet supported, but available for testing purposes:

  • FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet)
  • ext4 filesystem support
  • gcc 4.4 and new glibc malloc
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware support
  • FreeIPMI
  • Stateless Linux
  • SGPIO Support for dmraid
  • Device Failure Monitoring of RAID sets
  • iSER support (block storage transfer across a network)

Which means that the below Technology Preview features of RHEL5.4 may become supported in RHEL5.5 !

  • CIFS DFS support
  • samba3x and ctdb support for use with GFS
  • SPICE X11 drivers (future feature-rich display protocol)
  • Clustering with KVM hypervisor
  • Power LPAR support

If you have Red Hat Network entitlements you should have access to the RHEL 5.5 Beta and now is the time to report any issues you may find !

If you are looking for the RHEL 5.5 Beta ISO images, go to Red Hat Network, log in, click on Download Software, expand the RHEL5 channel for your architecture and go to the Beta channel. There you can find the RHEL 5.5 Beta ISO images.

Enjoy !

PS The newer 2.6.18-186.el5 kernel can be download without needing RHN access from http://people.redhat.com/jwilson/el5/ So if you're using CentOS, test it and report any issues to Red Hat directly !

Cluster support for KVM

Although I too am _hoping_ the RHCS stack would start supporting kvm guests management in 5.5, I suspect it'll be unlikely. Consider the state of the upstream -Fedora 12 - cluster support for KVM (along with the consideration that RHEV-M provides guest failover/migration support) and I think that's a fair expectation.

But I am crossing my fingers for 5.6!