RHEL 5.6 beta released

Submitted by dag on Tue, 2010/11/09 - 23:26

While everyone is waiting for RHEL6's general availability, the normal minor update releases for the aging RHEL5 product are still being churned out with today's release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 Beta as a prelude.

Compared to earlier Beta announcements, this one is quite meager with a small list of updates:

  • bind 9.7 - improved DNSsec support
  • PHP 5.3 - support for namespaces
  • ebtables - Ethernet layer firewall
  • dropwatch - network stack packet analysis
  • IPA fonts - Japan JIS X 0213:2004 support
  • sssd - offline credential caching

But we dug up the RHEL 5.6 Beta Release Notes, looked under the hood and compiled our own complementary list of notable changes:

  • Kickstart improvements wrt. retry repository downloads and improved driver support for Brocade 10G PCIe ethernet, cxgba4 and 3w-sas
  • Ext4 is no longer a Technology Preview !

and the following packages have been added:

  • audit updated to 1.7.18
  • e4fsprogs updated to 1.41.12
  • ghostscript updated to 8.70
  • kernel updated to 2.6.18-229.el5
  • lvm2 updated to 2.02.74
  • redhat-lsb now also has grahics and printing sub-packages
  • samba3x updated to 3.5.4
  • subversion updated to 1.6.11
  • systemtap updated to 1.3
  • tdb-tools updated to 1.2.1

including various additions:

  • Bind 9.7 added (packaged as bind97)
  • certmonger 0.30 added
  • dropwatch 1.2 added
  • ebtables 2.0.9 added
  • hpijs and hplip 3.9.8 added (packaged as hpijs3 and hplip3)
  • IPA client 2.0 added
  • mod_revocator 1.0.3 added
  • PHP 5.3 added (packaged as php53)
  • sssd 1.2.1 added

and also the following hardware drivers have been updated in kernel 2.6.18-229.el5:

  • 3w-9xxx updated to
  • be2net updated to v2.102.348r
  • bnx2 updated to 2.0.8
  • bnx2i updated to 2.1.3
  • bnx2x updated to 1.52.53-4
  • cciss updated to 3.6.22.RH1
  • e1000e updated to 1.2.7-k2
  • fusion updated to 3.4.15
  • ipr updated to
  • ixgbe updated to 2.0.84-k2
  • ixgbevf updated to version 1.0.0-k1
  • lfpc updated to
  • megaraid_sas updated to 4.31
  • mpt2sas updated to
  • netxen updated to 4.0.74
  • qla2xxx updated to (firmware updated to 5.03.02)
  • qla4xxx updated to
  • qlge updated to
  • sfc updated to 2.6.36-4c1
  • tg3 updated to 3.108
  • vxge updated to
  • wireless backports from kernel
  • xorg drivers for ati, mga, nv and sis have been updated

including fixes to various subsystems and drivers (eg. 3w-sas, alsa HD, cxgb3i, ext4, forcedeth, igb, igbvf, kprobes, qlcnic, virtio, xen, zd1211 and many more to lesser extent.

If you have Red Hat Network entitlements you should have access to the RHEL 5.6 Beta and now is the time to report any issues you may find !

If you are looking for the RHEL 5.6 Beta ISO images, go to Red Hat Network, log in, click on Download Software, expand the RHEL5 channel for your architecture and go to the Beta channel. There you can find the RHEL 5.6 Beta ISO images.

Enjoy !

PS The newer 2.6.18-229.el5 kernel is not publically available, but you can find slightly newer kernels (that are closer to what RHEL 5.6 will ship with) at http://people.redhat.com/jwilson/el5/ So if you're using CentOS, test it and report any issues to Red Hat directly !

SRPMs for RHEL-5.3 public available?

Hi Dag,

Are BETA SRPMs available to public? I'm looking for the SRPM for "php53" in the FTP but I can't find it. Thanks!


No, the SRPMs of minor Beta

No, the SRPMs of minor Beta releases are not publicly released.