RHEL 5.7 released

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2011/07/21 - 16:05

Today Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 was released with the following improvements:

  • The new certificate-based CDN infrastructure to get faster access to security updates and bugfixes (which was first introduced with RHEL 6.1)
  • Various KVM and Xen improvements, including:
    • Xen 32bit performance improvement
    • Xen boot time reduced
    • KVM CD-ROM emulation improvements
    • KVM live migration speed improvements
  • Updates to network, storage and video drivers (too many to list)
  • XFS is now fully supported with RH HA/Clustering
  • Many SSSD improvements

So this looks more like a regular hardware improvement update, with some necessary improvements introduced with RHEL5.6. The most exciting part is that there is not a lot to be excited about, which is what Enterprise Linux is mostly about ;-)

For an overview of the detailed changes, look at the 5.7 Release Notes and Technical Notes.! Enjoy !

Integration with ELRepo and Repoforge (fka RPMforge) are being looked at as we speak...

RPMForge breaks with 5.7

There seems to be an issue once updating to RHEL 5.7 with regards to yum and rpmforge. Once it begins to update the rpmforge repository, it segfaults routinely. I've seen blogs with others having the same issue in both RHEL 5.7 and CentOS 5.7.

It was a bug in yum triggered

It was a bug in yum triggered by a bug in createrepo. As soon as we found what the cause was, we recreated the repository metadata so the bug was no longer exposed.

AFAIK the bug in yum has not been fixed :-/