RHEL 6 beta released

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2010/04/21 - 19:12

Earlier than I had expected Red Hat released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 beta. This release is available to everyone through the Red Hat public FTP server.

The release announcement briefly summarizes important changes, but I will blog later about the details of this release.

Exciting times ahead...

A brief test of RHEL6 beta

Hi there.

I made a brief test of RHEL6 and published it here: http://blog.delouw.ch/2010/04/23/a-brief-test-of-rhel-6-beta-1/

Feedback is welcome.

I cannot get to redhat ftp

I cannot get to redhat ftp anymore for rhel 6 beta packages. Username and passwd required. Any mirros around?

Maybe try HTTP ?

No, the FTP site allows anonymous login, so it should work from your browser. But in case you are behind a proxy/firewall solution that doesn't allow FTP access to the real world, you might want to try using HTTP.