RHEL 6.5 Beta release

Submitted by dag on Sun, 2013/10/06 - 01:38

So I just received a new batch of updates from the RHEL6 Beta channel, this means RHEL 6.5 Beta has been released. Exciting news (if you're into that, like me ;-)).

Both the Release Notes as well as the Technical Notes are already available. Enjoy !

The important bits (to me) are:

  • Configurable timeout for unresponsive SCSI devices and configurable maximum time for error recovery on SCSI
  • New Red Hat Support Tool packaged as redhat-support-tool
  • Various (KVM) virtualization functionality added
  • fsfreeze now fully supported
  • LVM Thin Provisioning
  • Multipath I/O updates
  • TRIM support for Software RAID
  • As usual new hardware support
  • The latest upstream video4linux
  • Updated to PowerTOP v2.3 (finally !)
  • Newer LibreOffice and Evolution

Did I miss something important ? Do let me know !


You missed the SSL changes, which are quite important to be able to run a properly secured https-site on RHEL/fedora (Ref: bz#319901):

* ECDHE Support in OpenSSL
* Support of TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in OpenSSL and NSS

thanks for summary..

thanks for summary.. interesting updates to 6.5. Looking forward to testing.

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