RPM Packaging news: lockstat and http_replicator

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2007/10/12 - 18:56

One of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog is because I often stumble upon new and exciting tools. and sometimes I want to share some information or an opinion on it. So a blog seems a good way to ventilate (and archive) that knowledge. Much like offsite storage...

This week 2 interesting tools caught my attention.

One of them is called lockstat and is part of a kernel-patch from SGI called lockmeter. lockstat is a tool to get stats regarding kernel spinlocks. I stumbled upon this tool after reading Val Henson's blog. Now, to make this tool useful, we should see if we can add the lockmeter patch into the CentOS kernel. Get it from: http://dag.wieers.com/rpm/packages/lockstat/

The other tool is called http-replicator which is a smart caching proxy meant to cache files (packages) and keep them intact on disk and offer them from the cache locally. The difference with Squid is that it understands the concept of mirrors, which makes it perfect to use for eg. CentOS updates from Yum without the need to have a complete internal CentOS mirror.

There are some things that could be improved with http-replicator, for instance it could deduce the mirror information from the downloads automatically, or the way it stores the packages on disk in a flat directory. But nevertheless, it is clean and simple and written in python, so I am sure we can extend it in the future to make it a bit smarter. Get it from: http://dag.wieers.com/rpm/packages/http-replicator/

Over and out.